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Primaxis is ideally placed to assist your organisation as we are a Business Partner of both HCL (first APAC partner) and a Business Partner of IBM. 

We can find the best solution for licensing needs, support, future directions and strategies including migrating off Domino applications and mail.

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As a long-standing, award-winning, Premier IBM Business Partner and the first HCL APAC business partner, we have substantial experience across the range of IBM products and technologies. Of course, our customers operate in a multi-vendor real world, so we have also embraced an array of leading technologies.

We have the knack for making sure that whatever your preferred blend of IBM and non-IBM technologies, you are able to achieve maximum advantage.Our staff is certified across IBM’s range of products, as well as those of our other technology partners. Learn more about our IBM products.on.

We Create Fully Connected Systems So You Can Focus On Your Business

Our team of certified Collaboration solution experts are able to work with your organisation to determine your business requirements, and deliver innovative solutions cost-effectively and on time.

Drawing from a large platform of software solutions, we will develop systems to streamline business processes and improve productivity.

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Now, with the release of Domino V10, it’s flexible enough to use and deploy wherever you need it to be, and will further improve your organization’s operational efficiency. V10 is here to make Domino a more productive and modern platform, unleashing even more business value.

V10 cements Domino as the foundation that smart organizations need for their digital-transformation journey. Learn here how Domino will turbo-charge your investments.


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