Version 11 Proposed Features


● Directory Sync between Active Directory and Domino Directory which can trigger a rename in AD to trigger a Domino rename.
● ID Vault will now allow HTTP password authentication including the ability to keep the Notes password and HTTP password in the vault in sync.
● DAOS storage options will change to include Cloud Object Store.
● A new Publish / Subscribe capability within Domino.
● ElasticSearch for searching which will utilise the PubSub functionality in order to get immediate updates to process is being looked into.
● Message recall for undelivered (scheduled or queued) mail.


The focus for v11 is very much around the client delivery and UI.

● New UI under development for the Notes clients including some of the main templates.
● HCL Nomad (Notes client on a mobile device) will be extended to Android & ChromeOS & will use OpenGL.
● Thin client option.



Sametime will be released lock step with Domino, so at the end of this year, Domino 11 will support the product released as Sametime 11.

  • Concurrent online chats
  • Persistent chat
  • Persistent group chat
  • Server-side chat history
  • Improved user experience
  • Domino 64-bit support
  • Multi-Device file transfer
  • Invite guests to collaborate
  • Docker for simplified deployment
  • Group chat
  •  Easier configuration for administrators

Verse IBM Connections Cloud

  • Attachments made easy
  • Intelligent folders for mail
  • Working across multiple times zones improved
  • 30 days offline mail (rather than 2 weeks)

New experience – New Mail / Apps Client

  • iNotes releases ending with a new mobile browser client becoming available with no more Eclipse or Java

DQL (Domino Query Language)

The 1.0.1 Appdev pack which contains all the functionality you need to deploy DQL from Node is out this quarter. The plan is to have quarterly updates to the Appdev pack introducing new features. Some things planned for future updates include:

● OAuth authentication insight
● Aiming for on-the-fly computation of formulas to support things like computed for display fields.
● Searching there will be support for both FT Search and the new ElasticSearch with indexes created across databases and in attachments where required. Searching rich text and mime is also on the agenda.

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