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Case study : Melbourne Stadiums Ltd (Etihad Stadium)


Melbourne Stadiums Ltd (Etihad Stadium) kicking goals by removing legacy and capitalising on their Office365 Investment



Before considering a change of technology for their Staff Ticket and Request System, MSL first looked at the costs and overhead of leaving the solution in Lotus Notes. Evaluating the ongoing financial costs and the risks associated with maintaining a solution in a legacy environment was key to deciding to invest in the future rather than maintaining the past. For MSL, the evaluation considered the following. Costs:

  • Domino Server and licensing costs
  • Database code updates and bug fixing
  • Server Support & Maintenance costs
  • Creating new users within Lotus Notes and the impact on licensing
  • No single sign on so takes longer for staff to log into another system to log requests


  • Security risks of not keeping the web based application and server software up to date
  • Lack of internal knowledge of the Lotus Notes platform
  • Needing to manage paswords in multiple web technologies
  • Forgetting passwords and having to get them reset


  • Legacy system looking dated and low tech
  • Fitting processes to the system rather than system into processes
  • Appear to be stuck in the past rather than moving forward


Moving their legacy application out of Lotus Notes and redevelop it in SharePoint. This would not only remove the costs and risks associated with the legacy system but leverage on the investment they had already made in Office365. Cost Effective : To replace any legacy system the replacement should not include functionality that, although nice to have, would create budgeting issues. We also went with a fixed price contract which set a price expectation for the delivery of the solution. Simple to use : The worst thing to do when replacing a legacy system is to unleash an unweildy beast of a system that no one wants to use. New features are great when they add to the efficiency and ease of use but not when they create barriers to use. Easy to manage : Most applications has users and administrators. STARS (Staff Tickets and Request System) was no exception. It had to be as attractive for the admins as it was for the rest of staff to excite them and help efficiencies in the processing of requests.


To look at the positive outcomes of the implementation of the new STARS application we thought we would break it down into three interrelated headings: The Benefits: Although efficiencies and cost savings are also benefits there are other benefits that aren’t necessarily efficiencies and cost savings. These include:

  • Engagement of your workforce is key to improving the way you do buisness. Showing you are willing to invest in better tools to support a staff members roles shows and investment in their ability to do their job well.
  • Removing redundancy. Taking away the need to support technology that isn’t in the future roadmap helps IT departments focus on architecting a technology roadmap for the future. Binds to older technology often stifles progress and removing this redundancy in turn removes these binds.
  • The Application being hosted within SharePoint online allows the freedom to make changes to cater for larger storage needs and even a faster server environment if required without needing to peform any of that work in house.

The Efficiencies: The implementation of STARS within SharePoint online produced several efficiency gains:

  • One security model and single sign on. Only having to set permissions within SharePoint that is already required for the intranet and single sign on for all staff enables ease of use and quick access to the STARS Application.
  • Instand access to staff of their remaining yearly ticket allocation by simply going to the application page.
  • Instant reporting on tickets allocated for managers and also any requests awaiting their approval by mearly going to the managers page within STARS.

 The cost savings: Although the initial investment was required to build the application, there are also cost savings in having done so including:

  • Removal of the cost of the Domino Server, licensing and support costs
  • Revoved the need to have staff that has skills and knowledge of the legacy system just because you are stuck with that technology.
  • Taking advantage of the licensing already being paid for (for Office365 and SharePoint online) thus capitalising on that investment

What they are saying

"We engaged Primaxis to enhance our SharePoint Intranet and provide greater uptake from Etihad Stadium staff. Primaxis kept us informed as the project continued and were always quick to respond when we wanted changes and additions.. The end result looks fantastic and has proven popular with staff and management"

Geoff Hall

Information Technology Manager, Melbourne Stadium Ltd (Etihad Stadium)

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Melbourne stadium ltd

Who is Melbourne Stadium Ltd?

Melbourne Stadiums Ltd (Etihad Stadium) Location: Melbourne Victoria Industry: Events and Sport Melbourne Stadiums Limited (MSL) manages Melbourne’s premier sports and entertainment venue, Etihad Stadium.

Highlighted Results

Increasing Efficiency

Activated secure internal and external collaboration and information sharing in Office 365 – SharePoint Online. Increased IT and administration efficiency by providing automated services for end users

Rebuilt From the Inside Out

Construct information environment in which internal and external users can collaborate securely. Reduce burden on IT and users by automating SharePoint administration

STARS (Staff Ticket and Request System)

Most applications has users and administrators. STARS was no exception. It had to be as attractive for the admins as it was for the rest of staff to excite them and help efficiencies in the processing of requests. This benefits MSL in two ways, 1) frees staff up to take on other initiatives or just be more effective at the work they have and 2) real cost benefits in the reduced overhead for administering this application.
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