IBM® Connections™ is a collaboration platform that integrates email, activity and task management, instant messaging, file sharing, collaborative document editing and more into a unified solution. Your teams can access these capabilities from a personalized workspace to communicate, manage work and share tools

NEW – IBM Connections Engagement Suite

This bundle of IBM® Connections™ products brings together an integrated set of applications to help your organization perform at peak productivity by keeping employees engaged and agile. IBM Connections Engagement Suite includes: IBM Connections Engagement Center to create a personalized digital workplace hub. IBM Connections to connect and collaborate with colleagues inside and outside of the organization. IBM Connections Docs to create and collaboratively edit documents.

Activities organize and prioritize your work

Create a collaborative workspace specific to a business goal or project. Assemble a team focused on the goal and assign and manage tasks. Members rapidly communicate, share files and tools, and report status and insights far more effective than trying to do so across tools such as e-mail and disparate project management resources. Invite or re-organize members quickly and capture and update work in a central location to facilitate project management and reporting.

Profiles help you tap the expertise and get answers fast

A rich profile can be created for each IBM Connections user, including roles, skill sets, and areas of responsibility. You can access this expert network quickly and efficiently using tools such as e-mail, calendar, instant messaging and the IBM Connections Orient Me add-on.

Integrated email and calendar optimize mail information

IBM Connections can include IBM Verse® email. IBM Verse uses analytics and intuitive access to bring critical messages and contacts immediately into view. It provides full-featured calendar, contact management and instant messaging. These capabilities are integrated into a single collaboration platform, so you can avoid duplicating information from email and calendar to disparate tools and optimize the value of your email, calendar, and contacts.

Collaboration analytics optimizes your time

IBM Connections incorporates analytic technologies to analyze your activity and collaborative interactions. Based on that analysis, it presents and organizes priority information — email messages, contacts, calendar events, wikis, communities and more — as part of your workspace. The result is less time tracking what you are doing and more time actually doing it.

Compliance add-on protects your brand

Protect your brand and reputation and meet corporate, legal or governance requirements. IBM Connections Compliance provides compliance discovery solutions, including granular policy controls for content inspection, logging and archiving of social and instant messaging communications. Enforce acceptable use policies defined at global, group or user levels and reduce legal costs through fast and simple content review and retrieval and near real-time monitoring and alerts.

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