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When you undergo a big organizational change like a merger or acquisition, you can face both exciting and disruptive challenges.  Tackle those challenges with services and solutions from Primaxis, ensuring the most efficient and effective transformations possible, to drive your M&A success.

We can help you quickly integrate your directories, email, and applications to enable user collaboration between the merging organizations on Day One. This lets your teams find each other, send email, and schedule meetings. And post-merger, we can help you to consolidate your directory, messaging and application environments.


Day One Collaboration

Post Merger Integration

Merger and Acquisition Solutions

Primaxis Migration as a Service (MaaS)  handles migration complexity so you don’t have to. Industry-leading migration technologies and best practices are applied by the experts who know them best – ensuring a smooth transition start to finish. Primaxis is a full consultation and implementation service.

Our experts work with your scope and requirements to design and execute a thorough, phased migration plan. Plan a predictable project which will help you to check the right boxes and get ready to migrate your email, applications, and directories, including to or within the cloud.

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Enable B2B Collaboration on Day One of a Merger

According to Gartner, the most important and immediate contribution that IT can make on Day One of a merger or acquisition is to provide all staff at the new entity with a reliable and secure communication and information sharing infrastructure. Primaxis can help you realize that business-to-business (B2B) collaboration goal by enabling users in both organizations to share a single email domain across corporate boundaries, to look up contacts in a common directory, and to schedule and update meetings with the ability to check the availability of their colleagues – without downtime or interruptions to productivity.

Post-Merger Integration

The path to integrating and consolidating Microsoft’s identity, messaging and application systems for organizations going through a merger or acquisition is filled with obstacles.  Primaxis provides services and software so that you can integrate your new organization efficiently and maximize adoption of your consolidated IT environment.

Plan - Prepare Your Environments for Post-Merger Integration

Primaxis can provide assessments of your messaging, directory and application environments to check their health and get them ready to be integrated and consolidated for a merger or acquisition, or segregated for a divestiture. Assessments are remotely-delivered, fixed-fee services.


Mordenize - Consolidate or Separate Your Directory, Messaging, and Cloud Environments

After you’ve enabled cross-organizational teamwork through integrating systems on Day One, Primaxis can assist you to accelerate the consolidation or separation of Active Directory environments, Exchange environments and Office 365 Tenants, and if needed, migrate Notes mail to Exchange or Office 365 as well as transform legacy Notes/Domino applications.


Manage - Get Support, On-Board Users, and Maintain Environments

To ensure project success, we provide our customers complimentary standard support or a choice of different support plans. Our e-Learning services accelerate end-user onboarding in the new capabilities. And we also offer assessments of your Exchange and Active Directory environments to periodically check their on-going health. And for those moving off of Notes and Domino, Notes Integration Assurance can maintain the health of your integration between Domino and Exchange/Exchange Online and our Domino on Azure managed service moves your Domino application servers to the Microsoft Azure Cloud, dramatically reducing your on-going operational costs.



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